2017-2018 Annual Fund Campaign


Of all the gifts we can give our children, what is more important than confidence? An intangible that cannot be purchased, confidence must be developed. Confidence must come from within. But as parents and community members, we can support the organizations that help children build confidence.  

Here at Emerald Ballet Theatre, we have a fall tradition of the Annual Fund Campaign. Last year, with the generosity of families and friends, we raised nearly $12,000. This money was used to help fund the Rainier Symphony Ballet Orchestra at all four of our Nutcracker performances. We know how very special live music is to our dancers, families and audiences. (In fact, EBT’s Nutcracker is the only production on the Eastside that always features an orchestra.) We also recognize that your support is essential to making this happen.

From October 1 through November 30, we invite you to be a part of what makes EBT exceptional. Please show your support of the orchestra and our dancers by contributing to the Annual Fund. Thank you for being a part of the EBT community. Let’s make this a wonderful season of giving!

make a donation by completing this form, or contributing online today. 

Because EBT is a non-profit organization, donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by law. In addition, all contributors receive name recognition in our programs and are eligible to receive thank-you gifts:



Did you know that many companies will match employee donations to non-profits? As a registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization, EBT is eligible for these matching gifts. 

In combining your contribution, you may be entitled to receive benefits of a higher membership level. More importantly, you will make an even greater impact on the lives of our dancers! Please contact your Human Resources Department or EBT for more information about how you can double your support. 

UPDATE AS OF 12/5/17

Thank you to our supporters:

Vassilii & Katya Nemtchinov

Ronald & Toshiko Slattery

Vladimir & Natalia Grebennikov

Amanda Brock

Cathy Springman

Stefan & Andrea Landvogt

Sergei & Anna Gringauze

Tony Julien

Julie Painley

Bonnie Strehlo

Kristina Mitro

Vincent & Faye Ricci

Ivan Tang & Lillian Cheng

Tom & Coleen Sanocki

Kathy Shou

Lincoln & Patricia Popp

Rob & Jinny Coccorochia

Scott Stiles & Andrea Dancs

Shawn & Megan Nandi

Brian & Mika Carnes

Warren Marquardson

Hong Min Kim & Jade Hwang

Ji Yon Kim

Rafael Howell & Kimberly Espinoza

Moeljo & Carolyn Hong

Mike & Jennifer Sigl

Paul & Kim Kirschbaum

Rob & Terrel Lefferts

Larry Lirtsman & Megan Smith

Ed & Yohko Evans

Tony Ka & Oona Leung

Mario & Kate Tremblay

Teru & Kyoko Morimura

Paul & Naoka Jones

Ashvin Mathew & Terry Pauly

Shoko Yano

Jennifer Schroeder

Takuya & Keiko Araki 

Ofir & Nikki Lavi

Jerry & Laurie Angelo

Jay Laughlin

Sergey Ivanov & Rosi Arnaudova

Allan & Lise Folting

Marc & Angela Gamba

Ji Yang

Kevin & Kim Oakes

Viktoria Titova

MingLong Shao 

Tim & Lisa Diller

Jacqueline Jacobsen

Andrew & Claire Forster

Lucky Lin

Kristina Mitro

R. Paul Quincoses & Lisa James 

Dominique France

Hwa Lin Lau & Athina Yang Lau

Mikail Lev & Natalya Usova 

Jeremy & Natalie Budish

Michael & Sarah Ekelmann

Karin Tinta- Guibert

Nate & Katie Hatfield

Lu Chen

Dianne Rosales

Svetlana Minkina

Nik & Lindsey Rebhuhn

Kathryn Richmond

Wendy Peng

Karen Yeh Wood

Chad Zanonie & Wei Fu 

Elizabeth Mugowodzeri

Sean Hill & Mayumi Yoshizawa 

Chi Kai & Jodie Huang

Jessica  Wong

Henry & Trang Hahn

Jade Hwang

Laila Saliba

Dr. Rod & Gina Dahlinger

Jeremiah & Reagan Kemper

   We have raised     $16,120, and surpassed our goal. Thank you!

We have raised $16,120, and surpassed our goal. Thank you!

   Our current EBT family participation rate is 43%. Our goal is 75%. 

Our current EBT family participation rate is 43%. Our goal is 75%.