YAGP Seattle Results


Danil Zinovyev and Evan Ray won 1st and 2nd place, respectively, in the men’s Junior Classical division. McKenzie Wilson and Daniel Chernyavskiy placed in the Top 12 of the Pre-Competitive Classical category. Abigail Gamba placed in the Top 24 of the Junior Classical division.

We are so proud of all our dancers’ hard work, dedication and talent! 

New York City, here we come ...

EBT’s Lezginka and Arachnotech ensembles were selected to compete at the YAGP finals in April. EBT soloist Danil Zinovyev also qualified to advance, and Daniel Chernyavskiy, Kaelyn Lefferts and McKenzie Wilson were chosen to participate in workshops at YAGP-NY. Kudos to all!