The EBT Teaching Institute (TI) is a year-round program designed for highly-motivated EBA high school students to apply their technical and artistic skills as trained dancers to the field of teaching and community arts outreach. TI activities can be used as volunteer hours for school and build experience for college and job applications. EBA dancers entering 9th-12th grade are encouraged to participate in TI all four years to gain maximum benefit and exposure to a variety of pedagogy and practicum opportunities that build on one another. 

Year-round TI options allow students to focus on different aspects of teaching, choreography and production necessary for successful entry into the workforce or high-level college programming. TI graduates are well prepared to apply their dance training to a variety of fields of study and professional paths. TI is a perfect complement for the comprehensive technical and artistic curriculum offered at EBT through taking class, rehearsing and performing. 

SUMMER: Teaching large, multi-age groups in a community setting

During the summer, mini teaching internships at the EBA studio (camps for young children) and/or a local school district are available in conjunction with EBA summer intensives. Pedagogy/classroom management workshops, lesson plans, and feedback sessions are provided for EBA students in grade 9-12 who enroll in summer intensive. View details about Summer 2017 here. 

FALL: Teaching methods for preballet, costuming AND production

TI participants attend a workshop on costume design, construction, organization and care. TI assist EBT faculty in preparation and execution of the Petite Nutcracker Suite, a mini-production with PreBallet students. TI observe a 1B class in preparation for Spring lecture on Vaganova method in order to see beginning student progress.

SPRING: Teaching methods for beginning classical ballet, outreach AND PRODUCTION

TI observe a follow-up "B" level class and attend a lecture with Ms. Viktoria on the Vaganova method. In addition, TI students enrolled in Modern 2 or 3 have the opportunity to assume a leadership role in EBT Magic Bus outreach assemblies and lead segments of the presentation. TI students also assist EBT faculty in preparation and execution of the PreBallet Spring Fling.


Side-by-side mentoring is available to a limited number of TI students interested in more in-depth exposure to teaching. They can arrange to assist Ms. Sarah, Ms. Olivia, or Ms. Erin with a PreBallet class on a regular basis.

EBT Seniors and Juniors who show exceptional aptitude, responsibility and interest in teaching may be invited to teach in local school districts, community outreach classes with local partner organizations, or Ballerina Birthday Parties. These positions are for TI students who are ready to represent EBT in the community, and may be paid. 


Our fall panel/workshop featured eclectic and inspiring dance professionals.

Our fall panel/workshop featured eclectic and inspiring dance professionals.

  • Spring TBA: Teaching Beginning Classical Ballet (Vaganova method) — Lecture and observation of 1B & 3B classes with Ms. Viktoria.
  • Spring TBA: Guest Lecture — Seattle Dance and Performing Arts Medicine. How dancers benefit from physical therapy, what PTs do, and how to become a PT.
  • Spring TBA: Creating a Lecture Demonstration — Understanding EBT Magic Bus and why outreach is important for non-profits. How to develop an interactive community performance for children in theater-in-the-round. Opportunity to present during a Magic Bus informance.
  • Spring TBA: Teaching Methods and Curriculum Development — Technique basics for beginning dancers. Classroom and rehearsal management strategies. Thematic curriculum and lesson plans. Preparation for summer practicums working in public schools, community centers and EBA camps.
  • May 20: PreBallet Spring Fling mini-performance